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Forum Karlín






10 million CZK

During the reconstruction of the original steel hall, all steel structures were blasted and repainted. The load-bearing structures of the saddle skylights are therefore in their original design incl. riveted joints. Our company carried out a real survey and prepared a static assessment, on the basis of which new all-aluminum skylights and a system of anchor points were designed to align the original steel structure.

The surface finish of the skylight constructions is RAL 7016, the filling is insulating double-glazed glass with higher heat reflectivity (6 mm Planibel Green – 16 mm Argon 90% – Stratobel Low-e 44.1 Top 1.0. It is a green tinted glass with parameters Ug = 1.0 W/ m²×K, light transmission factor according to EN 410 – Ƭv = 56, solar energy transmission factor – g = 33) and 32 mm thick polycarbonate in opal color. All equipped with EPDM sealing.

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