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systém proti krupobitiu

Hail protection system

Kotva 1
  • Protection against hail up to a diameter of 50 mm

  • Tested and rated Class 5 in hail resistance

  • Minimal effect on light transmission

Kotva 2

Fall-through protection

  • Certified fall protection

  • No obstructive perforated panels

  • Integrated fall protection

záchytné systémy
Kotva 3

Sun protection

  • Integrated sun shades – for new and existing projects

  • Built-in shielding system

  • Smart control for a balanced climate in the room

Kotva 4

Protection against insects

  • Effective protection against insects - easy and quick installation.

  • Simple and quick retrofitting

  • Variable width

ochrana proti hmyzu
Kotva 5
technologie ovládání

Control technology

  • Pneumatically operated (Co2) or electrically operated system (24V)

  • Easy maintenance and expansion of the unit

Kotva 6

Sound traps

  • Sound insulation in accordance with regulations.

zvuková izolace
Kotva 7
kouřové zábrany

Smoke barriers

  • Non-smoking emergency and escape routes

  • Heat-resistant and flexible partitions

  • Preventive protection of the building to prevent the spread of smoke

Kotva 8

Pressure relief flaps

  • Immediate and energy-efficient opening with process overpressure

  • Vertical or horizontal mounting position

  • Economic system

  • Versatile glazing options

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