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Realizace VZT - Březhrad


1 / Skylight systems

Skylights Indu Light we supply, assemble and service many types - arched, saddle, shed, counter or point skylights with the option of filling with glass, polycarbonate or plexiglass.
We can also make flaps or blinds for daily ventilation, smoke and heat extraction or a combination of both.
Control using CO2, compressed air, 24 or 230 V electricity.

2 / 2D and 3D design

Comprehensive solution design according to the client's specifications. Development of proposals, studies and 2D/3D projects, at the levels of ÚR, DSP, VDS, DPS. Plotting real states. Engineering and copyright supervision. 

3 / Technical equipment of the building

We implement all TZB professions for family homes, administrative buildings and warehouse and production halls. We will be happy to provide you with complete turnkey delivery and installation, taking into account your financial and time possibilities.
The TZB field includes all internal installations – heating, air conditioning, air conditioning, cooling, gas and water distribution as well as waste and sewage.

4 / Measurement and regulation

Due to the emphasis placed on energy savings, measurement and regulation systems are becoming an essential part of all technological equipment in buildings. We always approach implementation individually and comprehensively. We start with an analysis, from which the proposal of the solution is derived. This is followed by the project and, after its approval, delivery and self-assembly. Warranty and post-warranty service is also a matter of course.

5 / Technical maintenance and service

Our company is authorized by the manufacturer to carry out service and technical maintenance of skylights and devices for smoke and heat removal (SHEV) of the Indu Light brand according to decree 246/2001 sb.
We provide warranty and post-warranty service for HVAC equipment. We carry out service and leak checks even for equipment that is difficult to access, using horolaying equipment.

6 / General deliveries
Larger, more complicated or time-consuming orders are performed under the regime of the general contractor of the construction. In this way, we are able to cover both the design and design (consultation with the authorities) preparation and the actual execution of the work. The entire management of the construction then consists of communication between the investor, the architect and us, as the general contractor of the construction. In the case of refurbishments or alterations of existing buildings, we have no problem accepting appointed contractors (e.g. for MaR, SHZ etc.).
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