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16 million CZK

Following the conclusions of the energy audit, it was necessary to improve the thermal insulation parameters of the roof and therefore of the skylights. Existing lantern skylights with dimensions  6.2 x 97.0 m (1 pc) and 6.2 x 85.0 m (3 pc) consisting of a steel structure, wire mesh side glazing with ventilation flaps and roofing made of TR sheet, were dismantled and replaced with saddle skylights with an inclination of 45°/ 45° with ventilation flaps. The support structure of the skylights is made of aluminum, the filling is polycarbonate in an opal color, and the ventilation flaps are equipped with pneumatic motors.

The entire daily ventilation system is connected to the existing compressed air distribution and the control system, which closes the ventilation flaps in case of bad weather. The implementation took place in the autumn/winter period - it was therefore necessary to secure the space under the skylights according to OSH principles; and the space above the skylights so that rain/snow does not enter the interior of the production hall.

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